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Today, transit workers remain at the forefront of the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic and maintain essential customer services. The review and ratification of the agreement by the 333 members of Unifor 333 and the BC Transit Board of Directors will take place in the coming weeks. The solidarity created by the wage campaign continues to strengthen local unions as they face the challenges of the public health emergency. Stay up-to-date on what is happening at Unifor and how the union is improving the lives of all workers in Canada. Subscribe to our Uniforum e-newsletter. VICTORIA – BC Transit and Unifor Local 333 are pleased to announce an interim work agreement. „We used all the tools to build support and get a fair contract. Transit companies deserve a safe and healthy work environment, but also because we believe in the importance of a well-funded transit system,“ said Jerry Dias, Unifor`s national president, who was instrumental in concluding the agreement late in the evening and preventing the complete closure of Metro Vancouver`s transit system. The current employment contract between BC Transit and Unifor 333 expired in March 2019. Details of the agreement will not be published until ratification. Nearly 5,000 transit workers at Metro Vancouver, represented by Unifor, ended 26 days of conflict on November 27, 2019, when an interim agreement was reached on the eve of a three-day transit system closure.

BC Transit Communications 250-880-1303 Unifor 333 represents approximately 650 members, including transit operators and maintenance personnel for Victoria`s regional transit system. Unifor members can support transit operators and all COVID 19 heroes by sticking to the Council of Public Health Officials to distance themselves from social media and by applying this new Facebook image to their profiles. Ben Williams Unifor National Representative 250-384-4423 250-888-8696 A copy of the BC Transit benefit or click here to sign up for Pacific Blue Cross on your account.