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`… if the contract was perfectly legal on the date of the contract and was to be legally executed, an illegal performance did not automatically make the contract unenforceable. The more serious or deliberate the illegality, the more the approach a court is likely to take to deny remedial action is tougher. The criminal courts are there to punish criminal behaviour on behalf of society: fines and penalties are imposed on behalf of society. Zero-hours contracts are not employment contracts. These are consulting agreements. There is no working relationship. It depends on a number of factors, such as the seriousness of the illegality and how illegality relates to the main purpose of the treaty. The general consequence of illegality is that the courts do not provide support to a party involved in litigation by granting recourse to a party to enable it to profit from illegal conduct. The result is usually that the contract is illegal and: However, a contract that requires only a legal benefit of each party, such as the sale of decks of cards to a known player where gambling is illegal, will nevertheless be enforceable.

However, a contract directly related to the gambling law itself, such as the repayment of gambling debts (see the case close), does not meet legal standards of applicability. Therefore, an employment contract between a blackjack dealer and a talkeasy manager is an example of an illegal agreement, and the worker is not validly entitled to his wages if gambling is illegitimate under that jurisdiction. In Patel v Mirza (2016), the Supreme Court said that the factors for judging illegality and the consequences of this are: contracts that are illegal for public policy reasons – also known as legality – can be tainted by illegality in an infinite number of possibilities. There can be big differences between the fact that a contract is an uncon concluded agreement or that it is simply unenforceable. The difference increases the complexity of an already difficult task to assess your legal situation, your rights and your potential liability. Do you need a lawyer to advise you on a contract that you suspect – or know – is illegal? In addition, you should also consult a contract lawyer before entering into any contract or contract.