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16 As noted above, the change in the number of themes influences both the distribution of themes at the document and corpus level and the distributions by theme, and the absolute values are therefore no longer significant. If you store documents to translate to Cloud Storage or if you use other Google Cloud resources with Cloud Translation, z.B. App Engine-Instances, you will also be charged for using these services. You`ll find other costs in the Google Cloud Pricing Calculator based on current rates. 2 Throughout the document, we use the terms „Bag of Words“ interchangeable vectors and document matrixes term (TDMs). This initiative makes sense for a brand like Reclame Aqui, which has in the past challenged the status quo, as politicians hand over their free miles to taxpayers, highlight corruption or protest poor customer service. As a consumer redressing body, it is important for Reclame Aqui to live up to its reputation as a responsible and impartial organization that defends the values of its consumers. While previous initiatives have taken a more direct approach (public calls from politicians or campaigns to change the law), The Contract Translator is less explicit in its efforts to democratize and educate itself. The application, described in the case study video as a „weapon against large groups,“ equips users with the tools needed to decipher complex legal language and strengthen the conditions of competition between consumers and large companies. By reducing a 10-page document to a single page with simple terms, Reclame Aqui reveals legalese for what it really is: a form of unnecessarily verbal, indirect and technical legal language that companies can (and do) use both to distance themselves and protect themselves from their customers. IBM is likely to have a greater impact on business and business users and is widely recognized as a long-term innovator in machine translation.

In 2006, IBM`s „n.Fluent“ project was launched as one of ten business innovations sponsored by IBM`s president. The company decided that the language barrier was a strategic theme for both global companies and companies with global customers. The new partnership with Lionbridge to provide real-time business translations is just one manifestation of the ongoing evolution of this project. This cloud service can be tailored to the content and business processes of some organizations and promotes „professional“ translation for corporate customers, contrary to Google Translate`s orientation. 0. In the context: The machine translation technique has come a long way since its inception. While the same as Google Translate . Are our results related to other bag-of-words approaches such as position scale or mood analysis? If a theme model with 90 models using machine-translated documents is very similar to the theme model with gold standard documents, we think it is very likely that a two-dimensional or three-dimensional scale model can be replicated in a similar way.